Points Description

Points Description
Points are assigned as follows for each race in the ULTRA4 Series.
1000 points for winning, 975 points for 2nd, and 965 for 3rd. 
For every driver from 4th place through the last driver that completes 2/3 of the race (determined by miles or laps depending on race format), each driver will receive 5 less points than the driver who finished ahead of them. Example: 4th is 960, 5th is 955, 6th is 950 through the last driver to complete 2/3 of the race. The 2/3 mark will be announced on site at drivers meeting prior to race.
Every driver that starts the race receives 200 points for starting. For each driver that starts, but does not complete 2/3 of the race, the points remaining between the last 2/3 finisher and the 200 points for starting will be divided based on the number of miles/laps/checkpoints necessary for 2/3 then multiplied by the number of laps/miles/checkpoints completed by the driver. Miles, laps or checkpoints will be determined based on race format. Example: If 10 drivers finish the necessary 2/3 of the course.  The last driver to be assigned the 5 point increment will be the 10th place driver awarded 930 points. The remaining drivers will have 730 points (930-200) divided by the number of miles/laps/checkpoints necessary for 2/3. Using the 2017 Smittybilt Every Man Challenge race as an example Pit 2A at 94 miles was the 2/3 point. 730/94 = 7.76. A driver that completed 1 mile will receive 208 (200+(7.76*1)) points. A driver that completed 89 miles will receive 891 points (200+(7.76*89)). 
Should less than 10 drivers not complete 2/3 of the race, the top 10 drivers for each race will be assigned points based on the 5 point reduction scale, and all points after 10th place (930 points) will be assigned per the formula above. 
7 bonus points are awarded to the driver who qualifies the fastest in their class at each race. 
At short course events, where qualifying and heat races are held, heat race winners starting positions for the main race will be based on their initial qualifying position, not the overall speed of respective heat races. This is only for the main race, not B Mains or LCQs. 
Per the rulebook, a driver must compete in all respective races to be eligible for the championship. Driver of record may appoint one substitute driver to race in one regional race in lieu of the driver and have it count towards the driver of record points.