Ultra4 Europe Season Schedule Update ~ King of Spain

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update


I hope you are currently all staying safe and healthy. The whole of Europe is in lockdown and for good reason, we have to keep our health services operational and it is all our duties to do what we can to make this work. The quicker everyone does this, the quicker life goes back to normal.

A lot can happen in a short space of time. Fourteen days ago we were visiting the local authority and all was a go for the BFGoodrich King of Spain. Since that time Spain has gone into a total state of emergency as the Coronavirus ravages the country. 

With these developments in mind we are having to postpone the BFGoodrich King of Spain. Our main obligation is to keep all of you safe. At this time it is not safe for travel. The fact that most countries have closed borders except for essential logistics make it impossible to even think about running an event. I am sure this comes as no surprise but as we said earlier, we will keep planning for a race to happen until 30 days before the event. At this point I will make a final assessment and either run it or cancel it. During a video conference with our French organization team we have been told that the local authority there expects all restrictions to be lifted and the race to go ahead for the planned mid-June date. I can only hope this is true but again I will never put anything but safety first and if it has to be postponed it will.

I am looking into provisional dates later in the year to run races. This will mean our season ends later also. However I am also aware there are many events in Europe looking at doing exactly the same. Over the next few weeks I will be in contact with all the organisers to try and organise an end of year that does not have events overlapping and at least allow the racing family to try and maximise the remainder of the year. I know this seems to be a dream, but after the year we will have had, it is our duty to try and make this happen.

We also have a revised plan for the BFGoodrich Ultra4 European Championship. If we lose two races from the 2020 calendar. The remaining two will form the start of the 2021 championship, which will mean we have a 6 race series to run and it all to play for. This gives the final races some substance and more of a reason to race in them.

As more news come to light I will let you know. But the main thing for all of us to do our bit to fight this and please from everyone at Ultra4 keep yourself and your families as safe as possible and we look  forward to racing with you soon.

Richard Crossland

Managing Director.