Contact Us

  • Dave Cole
    Executive Director
    Dave is a founder of King of The Hammers and Owner/Executive Director of Hammerking Productions, parent company to Ultra4 Europe. Dave is an off-road enthusiast, land use advocate, racer and innovator. Most recently, you can find Dave working on industry leading projects such as: 4D imaging, an Electric Vehicle class by HKP and programs that will continue to set HKP apart from other promotion and racing organizations now and into the future. Those with International business inquiries should contact Dave.
  • Ryan Thomas
    President - Hammerking Productions
    Ryan has been leading the Hammerking and King of the Hammers organization to growth through his knowledge of corporate models over the last several years, and is assisting in the business structure of Ultra4 Europe. Those with inquiries on sponsorship and partnering with us to showcase your brand, should contact Ryan.
  • Courtney Prost
    Communications, Hammerking Productions
    Courtney has worked building start-up sports teams and events, to working with professional teams in Marketing and Communications during her career. Working with Hammerking in the communications role, she was excited when given the opportunity to work with Ultra4 Europe helping grow the brand through social media, web and communications. Media should send inquiries to Courtney.
  • Drew Wright
    Co-Race Director
    Drew has been racing and working with Ultra4 Europe for years assisting with tech and organization. He has eagerly taken to the Co-Race Director role and those with questions about race formats, booth set-ups, registration and general information leading up-to and during events should contact Drew.
  • Chris Bowler
    Co-Race Director
    +44 7989966740
    Chris has an extensive off-road racing background, as well as comes to us from the military. Chris has lent his hand organizing many events, now using his experience planning Ultra4 Europe courses from a driver's standpoint. Those with questions on the course, terrain and tech should contact Chris.
  • John Bibby
    Course Marshal Coordinator
    John is a familiar face on the racetrack at Ultra4 Europe. Those interested in volunteering their time as a course marshal should contact John.